What's up ?

Not really much to see here at this point, complete restructure of servers and such that will likely take some time. (I moved half the country and so did my servers).

About me

I'm one of those nerds who will never stop talking tech stuff with everyone around me.

I like to make stuff, programming, A.I., computer vision (e.g. OpenCV), robotics, engineering, devops, crypto currencies, mining/pools, clusters, stuff like that.

Q: Computers since ?
A: 1987

Q: First computer: ?
A: Commodore 64

Q: Favorite OS ?
A: Linux for servers, Windows for Desktop, I fail at gaming sometimes.

Q: Crypto since ?
A: December 2013.

Q: HODL or panic ?
A: HODL for sure.

Current projects

1. Currency tickers (xss/json)
BTC: https://ticker.bejjan.net/btc
LTC: https://ticker.bejjan.net/ltc
... and so on.

2. Something involving a bunch of servers and crypto currencies, can't tell you more right now.

3. Cryptomarket healthometer (not really) https://rekt.bejjan.net

Paused projects

https://scryptpool.com (loops back here).

Follow me ?

Twitter: @sioghi
Steam: Sioghi
Facebook: lol.