Bejjans Networking Laboratory


BNL is my playground, where I test out different kinds of tech solutions.

The cluster

My cluster platform is based on opensource technology.

Harnessing the power of virtualization and containers I'm able to serve applications and VM's with High Availability.


With the help of NGINX and letsencrypt (certbot) I'm able to serve various websites with automatic ssl/tls termination.

NGINX also serves as a reverse-proxy for backend services that are not directly exposed to the internet.


Containers are served with Docker Swarm.

Nodes are a mix of armv71 and x86_64 architecture.

In the future I may include Nvidia enabled hosts.


Proxmox serves my virtualization needs.

VM nodes are x86_64 based and I have plenty of capacity in stand-by.


As with all hosting platform, blockstorage is a huge task. For this I use CEPH (CephFS/RBD).

RBD backs the containers persistent storage where bind-mounting is not suitable.